Team Workouts

We have 3 official team workouts that start in January and go through November. For the most up to date information, please visit the Calendar View page.


Wednesday @6pm:
Type: Running (Speed Work) – Intervals/Track work/Hill Repeats
Location: Corona Del Mar High School Track
Details: we mix it up week to week with short and long intervals,
tempo runs or hill repeats.

Saturday @7:45am
Type: bike/run
Location: Bonita Creek Park (Newport Beach)
Details: we roll out @7:45 am and avg at least 45 miles per ride,
followed by a brick run upon our return to the park.

Sunday @ 9am:
Type: Swim/Long Run
Location: Corona Del Mar Pool/Back Bay Dunes Or CDM State Beach
Details: currently we’re swimming at the high school pool, 
eventually when the ocean gets warmer, we will move our Sunday morning
swim/run workout so the ocean.

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