The primary goal of the points systems is to promote team participation and team unity. By earning 60 or 120 points throughout the year you will receive free team perks/gifts.

The point system we are using is not perfect. We strive to make getting points as equitable as possible. If you have any questions regarding your points, then please ask Steve Buescher or Brian Amende. They are responsible for taking attendance.

Points are awarded for participating in team races, team events, scheduled team workouts, and team meetings. 

Two (2) points are awarded for each scheduled team workout, team event and team meeting.

There are usually three scheduled team workouts a week (Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday).

Team events are scheduled at random times throughout the year.

Team meetings are held every month from January through November.

At team races, you will receive ten (10) points for racing, and five (5) points for cheering or volunteering at the race. There is usually one team race scheduled each month from February through November.

Points Spreadsheet – click on words to the left to be hyperlinked to the point’s spreadsheet.

FAQ’s for Point System

Q1.  What’s the Team’s general philosophy about points?

A. The team makes every effort to schedule monthly races and weekly workouts that motivate its members to compete and train, we also believe in supporting our sponsors by wearing our team gear at races and workouts. By earning 60 and 120 points throughout the year you will receive free team perks.

Q2.  I just did an Ironman, and I really can’t do the full track workout.  Can I meet at track or Bonita Creek Park , do an easy recovery run and still get points?

A.  Yes.  Meet where the team meets, do the type of workout the team does (swim, run, or bike), and modify it to fit your recovery. Don’t shows up and leave or no points will be given.

Q2.  I’m training for an Ironman and need to do longer workouts.  The Wednesday night track workout is too much short, interval work.

A.  See the response above.  If you need to modify a specific workout for pre-race or post-race reasons, we understand.  Just don’t show up and leave.

Q2.  I’m injured or sick, and really want to show up at a workout, but can’t do the workout.  Can I get points for attending the workout?

A.  That is a tricky question, normally speaking no, but we do however offer an exception when it comes to track workouts only. We do encourage a cheering squad or helping assist.

Q3.  I don’t want to ride the Canyon on Saturday, but want to go to the top of Bake and return, or take a ride up PCH and return.  Can I get points?

A.  Team members have some latitude on the Saturday ride including the alternate ride on the first Saturday.  Show up ready to ride at Bonita Creek Park with the team.  If you’re going to modify the ride, the ride should be at least an hour.  You and others with you are on your honor.

Q4.  The team race is Wildflower at Lake San Antonio . Can I earn points by doing the Saturday morning ride and/or the Sunday morning swim run that weekend?

A.  No.  The only points that can be earned on the Wildflower weekend are for racing or cheering at Wildflower.  Team members are racing both days at Wildflower. No points will be given at the local team workouts that weekend.

Q5.  Does the same thing apply to the team events such as the Wildflower Training Weekend?

A.  No, points may be earned for the scheduled weekend workouts and for training at Lake San Antonio.

Q6.  What about earning points on a Sunday race such as Ventura or a Saturday race such as California 70.3?

A.  You may earn points for the Saturday ride, but not for the Sunday swim/run (vice versa for Sat. only races).  You can earn the most points by racing or cheering at (in this example) Ventura/California 70.3.

Q7.  Can I do the Saturday ride and earn 2 points and then go up and cheer or race in Ventura and earn additional points?

A.  No.  While you can certainly do both, the maximum number of points you can earn on a “racing weekend” is 10 for racing, 5 for cheering or volunteering at the race, or 2 points for the scheduled team work out on the non-race day.

Q8.  What if I race, but don’t wear the team uniform, or cheer and don’t wear a team t-shirt?

A.  Sariol Legal/Newport Coast Triathlon Team is a sponsored team.  Our annual dues pay only a fraction of actual costs.  Racers are expected to race in team kit and “cheerers” are expected to be in team attire (e.g., team ball cap, team shirt, team jacket).  We want to be seen as a team.

Q9.  Are there any exceptions to the “team attire” rule?

A.  Yes. They are the exception and should be few and far between.  Example: If you crashed your bike in the preceding race, they had to cut your uniform off you at the hospital, and the team doesn’t have your size of uniform to replace it before the next race, consider yourself excused from wearing the team kit.  If it’s 30 degrees below zero and snowing, don’t cheer wearing just a team shirt.  Otherwise, if you’ve got a uniform and you want points for racing or cheering, wear the uniform or team attire.

Q10.  Do I need to be in team kit for workouts?

A.  For the Saturday ride to earn points, yes.  For all other scheduled team workouts, wearing team accessories is optional.

Q11. There are several teammates interested in doing an alternate workout from the normal team workout to train for a certain race, is it possible to earn points for that workout?

A. Unless we specifically mention that we are offering points at two locations for the same workout NO additional points will be given. If we decide to offer points, you will be forewarned in advance.

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