Welcome to Newport Coast Triathlon Team

The Newport Coast Triathlon Team (NCTT) is among the longest running and most decorated triathlon teams of its size on the West Coast. We welcome athletes of all abilities and demographics - men and women, young and old, dedicated and weekend warrior. Within our team, professional, elite, and age-group athletes train and race together and seek continued growth through mutual support and performance development. We have members with talents and capabilities that span the entire triathlon spectrum from Ironman age group champions to those who have yet to complete their first sprint triathlon.

Our athletes compete extensively throughout Southern California, and a number of our teammates travel throughout the United States and to international events.

Our title sponsor is Sariol Legal of Newport Beach, CA.

Our triathlon team is fortunate to be a relatively small (140 members) and more cohesive group that fosters a genuine team atmosphere within a very individualized sport. We enthusiastically support each other and celebrate our successes as we train, travel and race together. Our uniforms are a unique personalized design created in collaboration with 2XU. We proudly wear our jersey and uniform as we train and when we race, with many of our athletes regularly winning or placing high on the podium. Designated local (Southern California) team races draw large team member turnouts, while those not competing attend in uniform to enthusiastically support those who are.

Our overall Team focus has been on short course racing, Sprint and Olympic distances. While some team members also race long courses, Half (70.3) and Full (140.6) ironman distances each year.

As a registered non-profit organization, we are interested in developing stronger ties with local businesses and services.

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President: Brian Amende.
Vice-president: Ricardo Rodriguez.